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Time Is Over One Day Old

Time for new music / Time to tour / Time to share with you… Our new album, titled Time is Over One Day Old, will be released on August 5th via our friends at Dead Oceans / Hometapes. You can hear the first song now via Pitchfork HERE. & pre-order from our store HERE.  We’ll [...]

FADER Mixtape

Just ahead of going out on tour, Bear in Heaven has released a FADER mixtape, including the unreleased track “Greece Sun.” Listen to and download the mixtape via FADER’s Soundcloud page by clicking here.

The Reflection of You

The first single from our new record, I Love You, It’s Cool, is out!  Check it here on Pitchfork. Listen on Sound Cloud or download an mp3 here.  Tour dates are listed in the Live section, check em.

Bear In Heaven on

Our main man, lord of the lunch, Shawn Brackbill took a bunch of photos of us.  Jon wrote some hilarious descriptions of them and they wound up on Rollingstones website.  Check em out..

Bear In Heaven on

More groove, less doom. What does that even mean? Find out and tell us.

Bear In Heaven on Stereogum

    Progress Report!

Bear In Heaven on NPR

NPR knows what’s up. “We like the way it sounds, for one. It’s quite hypnotic. We also like that we’re experiencing it along side the audience. We haven’t heard the whole thing obviously, so every hour is a surprise to us. I think that may be the best part. The shared experience/experiment.”  

Bear In Heaven in the Washington Post

Chris Richards called us up one day. The next day, we’re mentioned in the same article as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. OK!  Weird.  Check it. Time stretching warps songs into sprawling blurs  

A Little More About “The Stream”

As a band, we have always sought to balance our interest in art and outsider music with a sense of humor about our place within the entertainment industry. When we began discussing the making of our third record 2 recurrent themes emerged: 1. the desire to release a companion piece of music that was more [...]

Here we go

Stereogum came to visit us in the studio on the last week of mixing as we were losing our minds. Read it all here: Stereogum “Progress Report”