FADER Mixtape

Just ahead of going out on tour, Bear in Heaven has released a FADER mixtape, including the unreleased track “Greece Sun.” Listen to and download the mixtape via FADER’s Soundcloud page by clicking here.

Bear In Heaven on NPR

NPR knows what’s up.


“We like the way it sounds, for one. It’s quite hypnotic. We also like that we’re experiencing it along side the audience. We haven’t heard the whole thing obviously, so every hour is a surprise to us. I think that may be the best part. The shared experience/experiment.”


A Little More About “The Stream”

As a band, we have always sought to balance our interest in art and outsider music with a sense of humor about our place within the entertainment industry. When we began discussing the making of our third record 2 recurrent themes emerged:

1. the desire to release a companion piece of music that was more abstract and drone based than the material we had played every night for the last 18 months or will likely play for 18 months straight following the release of this record.

2. an equal desire to have a little lighthearted fun & comment on the current state of album promotion, hype cycles, countdowns and all the marketing ploys that we accept as a reality of existing within an internet age.

At some point these two ideas merged into one. We would stream our album earlier and for longer than anyone else had before but we’d stream it once. We’d stretch it far beyond the limits of being recognisable as pop music. Draw it out so that snare roll lasts for days. Invite listeners to interpret & consider each sound. sit back and breathe.


Welcome to the new Bear In Heaven website. We’re streaming our upcoming record VERY SLOWLY. If you record the next 247 hours of streaming audio and speed it up 3895 times you’ll be able to hear the first track “Idle Heart.